In Living Color

Its amazing what you find on your lunch break. I’m amazed at the many simple wonders God has placed on this Earth for us to admire and appreciate. Some so simple, yet so bold. I’ve always been a visual person, with a huge scope for imagination. Bold colors draw me in like moths to a flame. So much so that I have to seize the moment and capture their intensity. Of course, spring time is a breeding ground for bold colors. Hands down my favorite time of year.


2014-03-21 14.17.27(1)

So here’s to capturing life’s most fascinating wonders and living aesthetically.

One thought on “In Living Color”

  1. Hey boo. You don’t know me but I think what you’re doing is amazing. You’re following your passion which is what most of us are afraid to do. I encourage you to keep going and let nothing or no one discourage nor distract you…..



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