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December 2018

December 1, 2018

Costa Rica: The Birthday Surprise I Didn’t Know I Needed

Costa Rica was never on my list of places to visit. All of the social media posts I had seen from people in travel groups made me not want to go even more. And yes, I know I am coming off as a total travel snob, but hear me out.

I had completely written Costa Rica off because it didn’t seem like it would fit my personal travel style. I’ll admit, I love hidden gems and places not as frequented by Americans (do you hate me yet?). And the places that aren’t the easiest to get to. My reasons being I can catch a sale to Costa Rica or anywhere else in the Caribbean for that matter, at any time. But my logic has always been, when you find an incredible deal to a place like Tenerife or Zanzibar, you jump on it. Read more