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February 8, 2015

A Day in Isla Mujeres

Such a world apart from Cancun, and a 30 minute ferry ride. Isla Mujeres or Woman Island, is a teeny, tiny stretch of land in the state of Quintana Roo. It boasts gorgeous sapphire blue seas from the south end of the island, with the calm turquoise waters to the north. Its charm is old-world like, very rustic. The locals are extremely pleasant and you’ll find a handful of ex-pats taking up residence within the neighborhoods. The preferred mode of transportation is by scooter. For exploring, most rent a golf cart. I chose to explore by foot (which I don’t recommend if you are staying at opposite ends of the island. Staying in the middle allowed me to break it up). It was a cloudy day when I arrived, which made it that much more calm and serene.




I enjoyed my slow walk into town, taking in the sights and the light, misty rain.



And then the skies cleared up, and I got to take in the spectacular views of Punta Sur.



20150205_143534You can literally explore the entire island in an hour by golf cart. For that reason, I would definitely recommend a stay here if you intend to do absolutely nothing. Call me crazy, but I kind of liked the fact that it was a dreary day for most of the time I was there. It helped wrap up and wind down a super busy and exhilarating trip. Just the kind of calm I needed to prepare myself for the reality that awaited me at home.




February 7, 2015

Tulum: Day 3

My final day in Tulum. It was bittersweet. Such a chill place. So I made the most of it and did some more exploring. I caught a taxi to the Mayan ruins. The level of creativity and intelligence to build something so intricate before its time definitely demonstrates the ability of the human mind.




I even made a new friend.


After a walk through the entire site, it was beach time. The day was perfect. Just enough breeze to keep you comfortable.



I decided to walk the beach side a little more for lunch. I found this really cool spot, El Prez. I had the best beer battered fish tacos ever. Like, EVER. And they take credit cards, one of the few places that did without charging an outrageous fee.


And the drinks… A Hint and a Whisper… Gin and real lavender.



I am definitely coming back to Tulum, especially now that I know what to expect. Its charm has truly captivated me. And there were so many more places I wanted to go, and in due time, I shall. Tulum was very international. I met French, Canadian, Argentinian and Australian travelers. Lots of back packers. If you are truly looking for a unique beach experience with a little bit of jungle thrown in the mix, I highly recommend Tulum. Keep in mind that its off the grid, with no connection to power lines ( hence the wind turbines you see along the beaches). It is definitely eco- chic.


Farewell, Tulum! We shall meet again.

February 3, 2015

Tulum: Day 2


Slowly I’m falling in love with this place. Everything is so relaxed. The people are so friendly. The food is GOOD.  I’m so glad I decided to change my trip up last minute. It’s so quiet here, which is great for meditation. I slept like a baby last night. I’d like to thank the ocean and it’s crashing waves for that.

Today, I ventured off into town and to a cenote for some snorkeling. What a cool experience. The cenote was perfect for swimming. I found the ocean a little bit choppy.


There weren’t many fish to see. But I did catch a glimpse of a few turtles. I then ventured off into town or Tulum Pueblo. I walked around, taking in the sights and people watching. Families walking together, friends chatting over cold ones. Something about Tulum gives me a huge sense of community. Like everyone looks out for each other. I will say this. The locals are way more friendlier than some of the out of towners. Locals didn’t hesitate to say hello. Everyone else took a bit more work. But whatevs, I didn’t come here solely to make friends.


I decided to stop at El Tobano for lunch, where I had the best ceviche ever! Again, the waiters were super friendly and helpful. And the ginger margaritas were amazing! After I walked lunch off, it was beach time. I sat bathing in the sun, with a book I decided to re-visit (Hill Harper’s “The Conversation”). I seriously think I was a beach baby in another life. This is totally my happy place.



Then came Gitano. I was a little skeptical about this place because of the mixed reviews. But the bartenders were pretty cool. They weren’t the chattiest, but if you spoke they weren’t hesitant to respond. I’ve never had a Mezcal before, so I gave Jungle Fever a try. Pretty good. Super strong! Or maybe I’m just a light weight.


All in all, today was great. The day was gorgeous with its vast hues of blue and turquoise. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as great.

February 1, 2015

Tulum: Day 1


I finally made it! Today has been super long. From plane changes and bus transfers, to going hours without access to cash (I’ll elaborate more on that later).  But I’m here. In the midst of all the confusion, a moonlit ocean view dinner was totally worth it all.

You know that little voice in your head that tells you to do things just in case? Well this is the one time I’m glad I listened. A little voice told me to pull out a small sum of cash while state side, just in case. I didn’t want to pull all my cash out stateside out of fear that I wouldn’t get the better rate. But there’s a first time for everything and life is full of lessons to be learned! Had I not gotten that $60 out before hand, I would have been up Shit Creek.

So I make it passed customs and notice the nearest ATM. I figure I’ll just pull pesos out there (A word of caution, there are 2 types of ATMS. One that dispenses US dollars and one that dispenses Mexican pesos). I went for the Mexican pesos, and what do you know? Declined. I tried about 2 more times, same outcome. So I gave the US dollar ATM a swing. You guessed it! Declined. By now I’m in a stage 3 panic. Keep cool. A passer by tells me that the ADO bus line will take US dollars for bus fare. Wrong. So I had to reason with a taxi driver to exchange $20 for 200 pesos ( My bus ticket was 156 pesos, one way to Playa Del Carmen). Since I had already walked out of the airport, I couldn’t re-enter. Nice, Latricia.

I manage to pay for the bus with the 200 pesos, then head to catch my connection in Playa. I figure I’ll try this whole ATM thing again when I get there. Two more tries yielded yet another declined card. Pretty much at a stage 5 panic. Luckily I was able to find a currency exchange station to exchange the $40 I had gotten state side, which bought my bus transfer to Tulum. At this point I’m exhausted, irritable, frustrated and hungry. I’m thinking, “what if I can’t get any cash out? I’m totally screwed!”.

We finally pull into the bus terminal in Tulum. At this point I figure I’ll just wing it. Then I glanced at yet another ATM. And that little voice said “try again”. So I did. THANK GOD I did! I was finally able to pull out cash. The crazy thing is, this ATM displayed the same affiliate logos as all the others that declined me. Honestly, I didn’t even care what fees they charged as long as I could get my money.  Lesson learned: always pull out small sums of money before leaving stateside to cover transportation costs. Or pull out the full amount you want, exchange what you think you’ll need for transport at the airport, then shop around for a better rate for the remainder. The airport’s rate was 12 whereas PDC was around 14.

As I sit and type, full from dinner and exhausted, I can’t help but think how I may have needed to be shaken up a bit, kept on my toes. Somewhere in the universe I swear I could hear God giggling to himself.