September 5, 2018

Palm Springs: The Vibrant Desert Oasis

My latest wanderlust endeavor lead me and my best friend from college on a trip to beautiful Palm Springs, California. Its one of those places you see a shit ton of Instagram posts about. Its a big hit with the older crowd for its spas and golf resorts but I’d like to think that its way more than that. I wouldn’t consider Palm Springs a tourist trap by any means. I mean most people stay a few nights there during Coachella, which is how you may have heard of it in the first place. But honestly, I found Palm Springs to be one of the most laid back places I have ever visited. Alive with every color of the rainbow imaginable. And the palm tree lined streets were an added bonus. I couldn’t help but to feel happy there. I was expecting a certain level of elitism but I got the exact opposite.

We stayed at the vibrant and lively Saguaro Palm Springs. Seriously, I could’ve spent the entire trip at the hotel and not been mad about it. The entire property is picture worthy, like on some next level Instagram shit. And the mountain view, Jesus! I’m jealous that residents of Palm Springs get to see these insane views everyday (yes, I’m side- eyeing Houston as I type). The hotel has an on site restaurant (the red quinoa pancakes were SO good) and a pool bar (oh YES).

My imagination was on this constant rollercoaster of visual-gasms. It was truly hard not to photograph every single corner of the hotel. Laying out by the pool, the thought of “How tf did I get here? Like how am I so lucky?” crossed my mind quite a few times. Gratitude has been my theme for 2018.  But thats the beauty of travel I think ( for me at least). Its the ability to be out in the world experiencing shit and being ever so grateful for it.

Exploring Palm Springs

So aside from our cute ass hotel, the city had lots of other things to love about it as well. Like all of the gorgeous flowers that lined the streets in addition to the palm trees (which I’m officially obsessed with by the way).

We spent a considerable amount of time wandering around the Palm Springs Art Museum gazing at quirky collections. There’s something about museums that makes me want to get lost on purpose. They’re kind of an escape for me. Its like my brain gets to shift gears from my everyday problem solving duties and just be free to go down a rabbit hole of wonder. I probably could’ve taken way more pictures at the museum, but I was too busy being in the moment and taking it all in.

I totally realize that we booked a trip to the desert during possibly the hottest month of the year (it was averaging 105 our entire stay). But because I’m from Texas and us Texans tend to be obnoxious about our tolerance for things, specifically heat, I thought “Pffft, I’m from Texas. Its 90 in the shade”. Let me be the first to say that I overshot my shot. Dry heat and humid heat are NOT the same. Thank God for those mist thingies they had all over the place. Needless to say, walking around in triple digit heat warranted a stop for ice cream. Ice Cream and Shop(pe) was the cutest ice cream parlor/gift shop I’ve ever seen. The recovering impulse buyer in me was glad I only brought a backpack on my flight and couldn’t fit any more shit in it.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Palm Springs is the neighborhoods. One story homes lined every block, with stunning yet modern, sleek designs. When I come back, because I will be back, I’m definitely going the Airbnb route. Not that our hotel was bad, but I’d like to know what if feels like to be a pretend resident for a few days. We tried to do the self guided tour of the insta-famous colorful doors but the heat was downright disrespectful! Also, you are no longer allowed to take pictures of the Pink Door, so that was kind of a bummer. But I did get to see the Party Lions!

Of course on the last day, we had to get some shots in the desert. The backdrop with the mountains was absolutely breathtaking. *insert emoji heart eyes*

If you’re looking for a chill weekend getaway, I highly recommend Palm Springs (in the off season, of course). It wasn’t super busy and lines at restaurants weren’t too bad. Even though I failed miserably at my visual documentation of the food we ate, I can still recommend dinner/brunch spots you can’t miss.

Trio – The scallops and risotto were delish.

Lulu California Bistro – Best seafood linguine EVER.

Cheeky’s –  We went here for brunch. Get the chilaquiles. Thank me later.

Once again, another trip on the books. Another recharge to power me through to the next. I can’t say enough good things about Palm Springs. Go see for yourself.



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  • Terry Denise Reeves

    This blog absolutely took me there! So well written and the pics —OMG!!!!! For a brief moment I forgot that I was sitting at my desk in the federal building with law books all around me. Can’t wait to visit Palm Springs!

    September 6, 2018 at 12:56 pm Reply
    • Latricia

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed. Palm Springs is like one big screen saver!

      September 6, 2018 at 1:00 pm Reply
  • Katina

    I have to agree with Terry. The way you described your experience made me feel as though I was there with you! Awesome read!

    September 7, 2018 at 6:08 am Reply
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